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Custom Ute Trays

Welcome to the custom steel ute tray price list page.

Use the guide prices below and pick from the following accessories to build your own custom tray.

Once you have a good idea of the options you want, contact us at sales@shannonsengineering.com.au with your details, vehicle details and colour and we’ll get in touch with a personalized quote and answer any questions you may have.


A bit about us.

Located in Sydney, our trays are all designed in-house using the latest CAD software giving you a personalised service with your desired options and at a price you can afford. Our pride in workmanship and quality of product is second to none and care taken at every stage to give you the best quality tray we can offer.

Why are they expensive? Because we spare no expense when it comes to attention to detail, use the highest quality accessories and the parts and materials we purchase. Every nut, bolt and mechanical fixing we use is stainless steel, every weld is dressed back for a smoother finish. We believe our personal interaction with our customers is important & letting them have an input to the tray design, we update our clients throughout the build with emails and photos. This all takes time.

Being on the Northern Beaches of Sydney our overheads and wages are higher than say North Queensland or Western NSW so unfortunately its reflected in our prices. That being said, due to our coastal location we really give a shit about our paint finish and rust prevention and to provide you with a product that will last the test of time. If your after a cheaply knocked up job, something mass produced and expect it done next week you’re at the wrong place.

Now, down to business.


These prices are inclusive of setup costs, ordering and material delivery, detailed AutoCAD drawings specifically tailored to your needs & existing tub tray removal. Tray chassis includes fully welded construction, supplied in raw steel finish. All external welds sanded flush, rubbed back and ready for paint. Includes model specific chassis mounts to suit your vehicle, fully enclosed construction (no open tube for water ingress) and provisions added for your chosen accessories.

Price excludes flooring, headboard, tailboard, rope rails or mudguards.

Dual cab – 1850W x 1800L $1500

Space cab – 1850W x 2100L $1600

Single cab – 1850W x 2400L $1700

Custom size $POA

2017-09-28 11.55.52_result


Our standard trays come with a 50 x 75 x 2 mitred RHS headboard for a smart modern look and is shaped to suit the vehicle cabin. All visible external welds are ground & dressed flush while remaining strong enough to load up.

Price includes a recessed 340mm high backboard panel with 2.5mm alloy treadplate affixed to both sides & 2 vertical 40x40x2 SHS bars standard.

We also offer a 76 x 3.2 mandrel bent pipe headboard option if thats what you’re into.

50 x 75 x 2 Mitred RHS $415

3″ (76 x 3.2mm) Mandrel bent pipe  $695

Optional TIG welded alloy mesh insert panel $475

Custom stainless laser cut in-fill panel $700                                      (we use stainless steel to eliminate any future rusting)

3″ (76 x 3.2mm) Mandrel bent flush mount removable back rack. $695

50 x 75 x 2 Mitred RHS flush mount removable back rack. $395


Choose between mitered 50 x 50 x 2 SHS or mandrel bent 42 x 3.2mm pipe. Dimensions can be adjusted to suit the tail light combination you decide.

Price includes tail light/reverse light cut-outs, recessed LED number plate light mount, and M6 nutserts for number plate fitting.

Mitred 50 x 50 x 2 SHS $195

Mitred 50 x 75 x 2 SHS $205

Mandrel bent 42 x 3.2mm pipe $438

2017-05-02 21.13.36


Our trays are built using premium grade 5mm 5052 5-bar mirror finish aluminium treadplate for a robust, non-slip, lightweight and rust free finish.

Our tread plate deck is fixed to our frame using 6mm 316 countersunk structural rivets  for a permanent fixture that’ll never rattle. Using alloy reduces weight eliminates the problems with rust or paint wear.

5mm Alloy treadplate $805

3mm Alloy treadplate $605

Hardwood decking $ POA

Optional stainless steel flush mount lashing rings $85 each (includes install)

2017-03-10 17.05.57_result


Custom made from 3mm folded aluminium sheet our sides are solid. They include mirror finish stainless steel strap hinges with bushes, stainless steel over centre latches, TIG welded end plates which are then fitted with rubber pads to prevent rattles or paint scratches. The inside of the sides are then clad in mirror polish aluminium propeller plate to protect the sides from further wear.

Side boards including all hardware (250mm high) $1850

Upgrade to 300mm high  Add $199

Optional mirror stainless top scuff plates $145

2017-09-19 17.41.02_result


We believe the paint finishing process is one of the most important parts of building a quality product. Being situated on the coast with salt in the air, rust is the biggest killer of any poorly treated steel.

Our trays are firstly professionally sandblasted back to bare metal, straight after they are then sprayed using a high-fill GPE 2-pac epoxy primer. Then the entire tray is seam sealed. We do this to give the tray a longer life, otherwise any join two metals that doesn’t get adequate paint therefore over time water/moisture will make its way in and get under the paint and start rusting.

The tray is then sent over to our panel beater, it is then rubbed back and given a showroom quality 2-pac gloss finish in the booth and baked for a hard wearing, long lasting finish computer matched to your vehicle colour.  If your vehicle is metallic, it gets an extra high gloss 2-pac clear coat.

Full treatment as above. $2120  (no side boards)

Metallic/pearl finish. Add $240 (no side boards)

Include side boards Add $430

Include colour coded mudguards  Add $150


Designed on CAD and manufactured using CNC Turret punching machinery for a high quality and consistently accurate product. Made from galvanized sheet & fitted with 2 x chrome whale tail locks, durable roller bearings and waterproof design standard.

The draw has been designed to nest neatly into the rear section of your tailboard, almost unnoticable. We have incorperated 2 locks so the number plate is symetrical with the car.  One smart feature is our recessesd LED number plate light doubles as a trundle tray light. On all new vehicles just press the door unlock button and the light turns on for a period of time. Smart.

1800L x 723W x 146H $1899

Optional self-install sheet metal dividers. 720 x 125mm $22 Each

2017-09-19 17.41.29_result


We make our muguards from 2.5mm high polish alloy treadplate. They are made in one piece and cover nearly 180 deg of your wheel.  Our modern design has them poking out past your tray slightly to protect your vehicle and paint from mud and stone chips.

With TIG welded mitres, affixed with stainless steel bolts and includes 5mm rubber mud flaps. We also have a mill finish alloy option if you’re not into shiny things.

1 piece guards $550 per pair


2017-03-10 16.52.39_result


As avid 4wd and camping enthusiasts, we are familiar with 4wd’s, camping and touring set-ups and can help you supply and fit any accessory you have in mind. From dual batteries and battery management systems to inverters, fridges, compressors, solar and lighting.

The prices below are inclusive of installation with a new wiring harness and connected to the existing vehicles plug. All lights are waterproof LED’s and compatible with new CAN bus vehicles.

Road vision combos $240

LED Autolamps clear strip combos (2 per side) $240

Flush mount LED reverse flood lights x2 $80

Maxilamp 3 gang tail lights $715

Headboard mounted flood lights x 2 (external waterproof switch) $220

Headboard mounted flood lights x 2 (wireless keyring fob) $420

2017-09-19 17.42.18_result


Made from TIG welded 2.5mm lightweight aluminium, designed on CAD and CNC laser cut and folded our boxes are made with precision and to the highest standard. They are water & dust proof and supplied colour coded to match your tray, to the same paint finish standard. Price includes chrome whale tail lock, tamper proof rust-proof hinges, dust seals, stainless steel fixings and fitment.

Welds ground flush, rubbed back & colour coded   $600 each 

Add internal lighting connected to your courtesy lighting (only available in current Ford Ranger XLS & XLT models.  $65 each



Why not let us take care of your accessory needs, all under one roof.

While your vehicle is with us for the tray fitment we can supply and fit any style of roof rack or weight rated tow bar on the market. We can also arrange to upgrade your GVM if you plan on towing or packing weight. (selected vehicles only)

For prices please contact us.


Lead Times.

As you have already gathered, our trays are made to order. We don’t have them sitting around. To design and manufacture your tray from scratch takes around 4 weeks, depending on work loading then it’s off to sandblasting & painting. The whole coating process takes from 2-3 weeks variably. Once we have the tray back its time to book in your vehicle. Install generally takes around 2-3 days depending on what you order.


We require 40% deposit on acceptance of the official quote and remainder (cleared funds) due on completion/pick up. We accept cash, EFT and take credit card payments with a 1.9% surcharge. We are currently working towards a finance option.

New Car Purchases.

If you’re considering purchasing a new vehicle from a dealership, let us know. We can work with your preferred dealer Australia wide and have your new tray fitted and taken care of before you pick it up.

Doing it this way means you don’t get stuck with an unwanted tray we take off,  there’s no logistical inconvenience of having to leave us your new car, and why not get the tray and accessories included in the purchase price or finance at the dealership.

We are already known to our local dealers and are their preferred accessory installer so feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Note: All prices above exclude GST. 

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