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Custom Ute Trays

Welcome to the custom steel ute tray price list page.

Take a look through the options below and once you have a good idea of  what suits you, contact us at sales@shannonsengineering.com.au with your details and we’ll get in touch with a personalized quote and answer any questions you may have.

Details Required:  Name, Address, Phone number, Email, Vehicle make/model/year/colour, Company name if any.


A bit about us.

Located in Sydney, our trays are all designed in-house using the latest CAD software giving you a personalized service with your desired options and at a price you can afford. Our pride in workmanship and quality of product is second to none and care taken at every stage to give you the best quality tray we can offer.

Why are they expensive? Because we spare no expense when it comes to attention to detail, we use the highest quality accessories and the parts and materials we purchase. Every nut, bolt and mechanical fixing we use is stainless steel, every weld is dressed back for a smoother finish. Our paint finishes are showroom quality and we strongly believe our personal interaction with our customers is important & letting them have an input to the tray design, we update our clients throughout the build with emails and photos, this all takes time.

Being on the Northern Beaches of Sydney our overheads and wages are higher than  North Queensland or Western NSW, We’re not in a big tin shed and the cost to keep the doors open are high so unfortunately its reflected in our prices. That being said, due to our coastal location we really give a shit about our paint finish and rust prevention and to provide you with a product that will last the test of time. If your after a cheaply knocked up job, something mass produced or off the shelf, and expect it done next week you’re at the wrong place.

Now, down to business.

Dual Cab Tray Package $8,500                  Jan 2019

What you get:                                                         Note:  Click on blue text for more info!

  • Fully welded, fully sealed custom steel tray chassis
  • All external welds sanded and dressed flush
  • 75 x 50 x 2 RHS mitred steel headboard with diagonal braces, 345 high backboard
  • Headboard one piece with tray for maximum strength, not a riveted joined section
  • 2.5mm alloy tread plate affixed to both sides of backboard
  • 50 x 50 x 2 SHS mitred steel tail board with recessed areas for tail lights and number plate
  • Removable 5mm alloy tread plate flooring, affixed using countersunk stainless set screws
  • 1-piece 2.5mm alloy tread plate mudguards, adjustable to suit wheel offset
  • Billet 316 stainless steel, lockable filler neck
  • Filler neck sheet metal in-fill panels both sides – colour coded
  • 5mm rubber mudflaps with stainless steel fixings
  • LED strip combination tail lights- 2 per side
  • Flush mount LED reverse flood lights
  • Under-tray mounted rear LED reverse rock lights
  • Recessed LED number plate light
  • Model specific chassis mounts, no universal tags or multiple holes everywhere
  • Tray chassis sandblasted back to bare metal
  • Professionally sprayed Dulux Duremax GPE high performance rust proof epoxy primer
  • Tray fully seam sealed to further prevent water ingress
  • High gloss professional showroom quality 2pac VIN matched paint finish including clear coat on metallic colours
  • All freight costs to and from blasters, industrial painters and panel beaters
  • Stainless steel bolts used throughout build from start to finish
  • Unique VIN should you ever need spare parts or damage a toolbox door for example
  • Tray supplied with unique wiring diagram if you include some under-tray accessories
  • Australian Design Rule Declaration Compliance Certificate (needed for rego on new vehicles)

Available sizes at this price:

  • 1850W x 1850L x 900H
  • 1800W x 1800L x 900H
  • 1800W x 1850L x 900H
  • 1750W x 1750L x 900H

**Note to our 79 Series Landcruisers owners!  A dedicated LC79 page is currently under construction. Check back soon for more details.


Optional Extras:

  • Under-tray tapered toolboxes, made from laser cut alloy, fully TIG welded includes polyimide hinges, stainless steel fixings, weatherproof pinchweld door seals, chrome whale tail lock, LED internal light and 2pack colour coded paint finish to match your tray. $1400 p/pair.
  • Custom 3mm pressed aluminium drop sides.  250H and not your typical extruded aluminium sides with rivets. They include mirror finish stainless steel strap hinges with bushes, stainless steel high quality over centre latches, TIG welded end plates which are then fitted with rubber pads to prevent rattles or paint scratches. The insides are then clad in mirror polish aluminium propeller plate to protect the sides from further wear $1400
  • Upgrade your drop-sides to 300 high $175
  • Optional mirror stainless top scuff plates riveted to the top edge of drop sides $145
  • Rear under-tray galvanised trundle draw. Built into rear of tray for a discrete flush finish.  1100L x 630W x 150D, 227kg rated draw slides, waterproof construction, twin locks to keep symmetry, number plate light doubles as trundle light.  $1299
  • Optional under-draw bottom dust cover, to fully encapsulate draw from dust $120
  • Removable rear ladder rack. Made from 75 x 50 x 2 RHS and made to match headboard. Includes stainless steel fixings $635
  • Upgrade mudguards to colour coded mill finish alloy $175


Optional Extras:


Load Restraints

Optional Extras:


The tray size is your choice. Its your car, so its your decision and responsibility on how you load it up. We’ve made trays for dual cabs from 1700L to 2000L and both meet ADR and ROH requirements (rear over hang of 60% of wheelbase). Be smart about weight distribution over your axle when planning build.

As a guide, we think 1850W trays look better on current Ford Rangers and 1800w trays look better on current Toyota Hilux’s. Totally up to you and depends whats more important – looks or usable space.

Lead Times.

As you have already gathered, our trays are made to order. We don’t have them sitting around. To design and manufacture your tray from scratch takes around 5 weeks, depending on work loading then it’s off to sandblasting & painting. The whole coating process takes from 2-4 weeks variably depending on our coaters lead times. Once we have the tray back its time to book in your vehicle. Install generally takes around 3-7 days depending on what you order.


We require 40% deposit on acceptance of the official quote and remainder (cleared funds) due on completion/pick up. We accept cash, EFT and take credit card payments with a 2.5% surcharge. We are currently working towards a finance option.

New Car Purchases.

If you’re considering purchasing a new vehicle from a dealership, let us know. We can work with your preferred dealer Australia wide and have your new tray fitted and taken care of before you pick it up.

Doing it this way means you don’t get stuck with an unwanted tray we take off,  there’s no logistical inconvenience of having to leave us your new car, and why not get the tray and accessories included in the purchase price or finance at the dealership.

We are already known to our local dealers and are their preferred accessory installer so feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Note: All prices above exclude GST. 

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